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Al Qudra Lake – One of the Best Place to Visit in Dubai

Al Qudra Lake is situated at Al Marmoom Desert Reserve. It’s a man-made lake but it holds an astonishing calmness and serenity. It’s located at 50KM distance from Dubai Marina and takes almost 40 minutes to reach there via Al Qudra Road. If you are a nature lover and want to take a break from city’s glitz and glamour then this is one of the best spots for you to spend some quiet hours in the presence of your loved ones surrounded by picturesque nature. It has no entry fee either. The best season to visit is in winters especially night time. There are camping spots too which means you can take your BBQ setup there and have a quiet dinner beside the lake or take home made sandwiches for a quick meal and enjoy the beauty of this place. There are no shops or eateries around the Al Qudra lake and in fact this makes the place unique and more special.

Al Qudra Lake Books Car on Rent with Driver in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE
Al Qudra Lake – Books SUV on Rent with Driver, UAE

This place is considered as a home to flamingos and swans too. Also, the Steppe Eagle and the Houbara Bustard. Approximately 180 different bird species either live at the lake or migrate there for a specific season thus enriching the bio-diversity of the area. Few of the birds include ducks, geese, gulls, terns, plovers, sandpipers, snipes and a lot more. You also might watch a Deer or two crossing your path while going to your destination.
You can go at any vehicle of choice but small hatchback is not recommended as you would experience a bit of off-roading as well. SUV would be the ideal choice but sedan should be fine too. You can browse through our SUVs with driver options too have a more comfortable and hassle-free trip.
Safety and security of this place is excellent too just like other picnic spots in UAE. You would see police cars patrolling the area even at 2AM. You might witness cellular signal drop at some spots too but the area is well cordoned off and absolutely secure to be visited 24/7.

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